Have Your Cracker Jacks and Eat Them Too

The crisp popping sound of a baseball making contact with a bat sends a ball soaring into left field. Its spring and baseball season is upon us.

Whether you are a Cubs, Mariners, Yankees, or Mets fan, watching a baseball game probably sends a chill up your spine. The perfect blend of excitement, nostalgia, and nerves come together for nine innings each game. If you are a New York fan, baseball season isn’t just a time of the year, but a time to look forward to, to plan for, and to relish in until the last bat has swung.

For many baseball fans in New York City, Yankee Stadium, and Citi Field are second homes.

But not everyone can make it to Yankee Stadium or Citi Field on a weeknight. If you want a way to unwind after a busy week, or need to embed yourself in a game after riding the subway at 5 PM, try enjoying baseball a few other ways in the Big Apple.



This sports bar in NYC is a little different than your usual spot. It has well-positioned televisions, many types of beers, and a neighborhood feel. But it doesn’t have some typical amenities. For starters, there is no kitchen, which might be a bit of a drawback if you were looking to drown yourself in some good bar food. But, Standings allows customers to order takeout and eat it there. If you don’t want to worry about ordering your own food, Standings serves pizza on Friday nights starting at 8 PM. Reviewed as one of the best sports bars in New York, Standings is the perfect place to enjoy a game at the end of a busy week.

Billy’s Sports Bar

It might be too cruel to hear the roar of Yankees Stadium but not actually be there. Try Billy’s Sports Bar as a substitute. With outdoor seating and televisions, it is a popular and more cost-effective way to enjoy the game while living in the Bronx. If you are looking for a more club and bar vibe, the main floor of Billy’s will satiate your tastes.

MCU Park

Perhaps you want to watch a live game, cheer from the stands, and sit in the stadium. Instead of throwing your chips at major league baseball, catch a minor league game instead. You still get the thrill of the game, excitement of the crowd, and that sports going experience without having to fork over your savings.

Try going to a game in MCU Park. This park houses the Cyclones, Brooklyn’s minor league baseball team. With over 80 games slated for this summer, there will be plenty time to catch a home game.

Brooklyn Baseball League

Sometimes shaking off the stress of the day may not be watching other people hit a ball, but hitting one yourself.

If you want to hit the ball on a regular basis and make some new friends, try joining a team. In Brooklyn, the baseball league has teams for several age groups.

Sign-ups are usually in the early spring of each year. Now is the perfect time to tune up your batting arm for next year’s season.

In the meantime, go to a game and see what the league is all about.

Your couch

Sometimes a day spent in meetings doesn’t prime you for a crowded sports bar or a busy park. Grabbing a quick dinner and tuning your TV to your favorite channel might be the best way to go out to the ballgame without actually going out.


For information on the MLB schedule, visit MLB.com to see when your favorite team is up at bat.