Flora and Fauna for Your Mama

Mother’s Day could mean many things. For some, it is a day to celebrate your mother and bring her breakfast in bed. For others, it is another day of the year trying to pick out a different card from last year. It is a day that always falls short of what you want to express. How do you say ‘thank you for giving me life and making my life a good one’ in one day? Will a Facebook post suffice? Will it be too obvious if you give her the same gift card from last year?

Whether you live in Seattle or New York, Mother’s Day comes around on the same day every year, which might mean the same stumped looking faces when it is time to pick out a gift or plan the day. But for Atlanta residents and tourists, you are in luck, because here are a few ideas to make this Sunday, May 13th a little unique.


 Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour
$28 adult ticket (if you buy in advance)
Free – children under 12

Is your mother a flower or a football person? Perhaps she is both! If you are looking to cater to her floral side, the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour is the perfect spot.

From 10 AM to 5 PM, 10 private gardens will open their doors for gardening fiends to relish in lush landscaping, blossoming blooms, and precision pruning.

Hosted by the local patrons and their sponsors, ticket proceeds go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


Decatur Glassblowing
$44 per person for a class

As visitors encapsulate the eclectic gardens during the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour, a different kind of flower enthusiast will be doing something else across town.

Perhaps it isn’t the seasonal flowers you seek. Gifting Mom a bouquet is beautiful for a day, but what can you give her that lasts forever?

Fake flowers anyone? But not just any fake flower, a glass one.

Decatur Glassblowing is opening their doors Friday through Sunday this month to instruct people on making glass flowers. Decatur is open until 8 PM every day, offering a variety of glass artwork to gift to your mom. Whether you want to make a flower yourself or you want to buy one from the store, this is a beautiful option to give your mother something timeless.


Edible Arrangements
Starting around $40 for a bouquet

There is one other way that you can take in the flowers this Mother’s Day. It could be glancing at them in the gardens, or making them out of glass, or perhaps you are looking to eat them.

Edible Arrangements has locations all over the country. And they have served as a great way to deliver a different kind of bouquet. With a few locations in Atlanta, you could order a bouquet; get it delivered all while staying in your pajamas. Perhaps your mom wants breakfast in bread after all, why not put her pancakes with a side of pineapple flowers and chocolate covered strawberries?


Flowers don’t have to come in the traditional bouquet this year. Whether you’re viewing them on the ground, making them out of glass, or eating their fruit imitators, this Mother’s Day staple is a great way to show you care.