The Coffee of Portland

Heart Coffee RoastersCoffee has become the source of life for some of us here at First Books and according to Buzzfeed’s new article 25 Coffee Shops Around the World You Have to See Before You Die, it’s a good thing we’re located in Portland, OR, where the list’s number one and three shops are located.

Portland’s Heart Coffee Roasters makes it to the number-one slot on Buzzfeed’s list. According to the “About” section on their website, Heart’s motivation is to offer “uncompromising quality.” To achieve this result, they begin with green (unroasted) coffee and roast it a temperature that fully develops its flavors; each cup of coffee must pass a “standard of excellence” before making it into the hands of the customer. The Heart crew now serves affogatos, an espresso-lover’s favorite, which is a scoop of ice cream or gelato topped with a shot of espresso. Heart’s homemade ice cream consists of coconut cream, maple syrup, vanilla bean, and Himalayan pink salt; therefore, it is vegan and lactose-intolerant friendly. And though this treat is only sold in Heart’s two café locations, you can still order their special roasts and other items from their online shop.

Stumptown CoffeeThe third shop on Buzzfeed’s list is Stumptown Coffee Roasters, which has five shops (including their headquarters) in Portland as well as a few locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Stumptown is a farm-to-coffee-cup kind of place that builds relationships with the farmers in order to obtain the “best beans in the world,” resulting in the best coffee. Duane Sorenson first opened the shop in 1999 with the dream to make coffee based on the quality not the quantity, which, based on the popularity of his shops, is a dream he has more than achieved.  Cold brew, one of  Stumptown’s most raved about creations, tastes of pure caffeine and is a perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer morning. Don’t be disappointed if there are no shops near you; Stumptown sells a variety of their blends and even brew kits on their online store, so you can bring Stumptown’s goodness home.

Written by: Kristin Monteith

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