Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: 14 epic fantasy books

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time high fantasy series is epic in more ways than one. There are 14 installments where Jordan creates an imaginary magical world in immense detail, and introduces thousands of good and evil characters. Sadly, Jordan died in 2007. The last three books in the series were completed by Brandon Sanderson (famous for the Mistborn science fiction series) using notes left behind by Jordan for another writer to use.

The Eye of the World first edition from 1990

The series begins with The Eye of the World, published in 1990, and ends with A Memory of Light, published in 2013. There is also a prequel to The Eye of the World and two companion books. The Eye of the World remains an essential read for fantasy fans.

The Amazon Prime series marks the first time that the novels have been adapted for TV or cinema.

Jordan’s world features 3,000 years of history where humanity has risen and fallen, a Middle Ages-style setting, and a type of magic called channeling. The companion books are useful in mapping out the world and offering background information.

The Wheel of Time is essential to how Jordan's world functions so the books are simultaneously set in the the distant past and the future. The books feature parallel plots with events occurring far apart. There are factions, kingdoms, alliances and treachery. People who enjoyed George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice/Game of Thrones books are often drawn to Jordan's novels.

More Wheel of Time reading

Prequel, set 20 years before the events of the first novel.


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