Book collecting guide

So you want to start a book collection - but not sure where to start? We have created a basic guide to starting a collection and understanding the terminology of booksellers. Our guide to book collecting covers many of the basic elements of book collecting from where to find rare and collectible books to caring for your collection. Happy book collecting.

Booksellers have their own language and jargon that they use to describe every possible detail on a book. At first it can be a little intimidating but once you learn the terminology it will help explain every detail of a book including its condition.

Our booksellers are experts in their fields. You will find a vast array of collectible and valuable books on any subject. Look through the directory to find a bookseller specializing in an area that interests you.
AbeBooks is proud to work closely with a number of bookseller associations around the world who are dedicated to upholding high professional bookselling standards.
AbeBooks regularly publishes fascinating features about a huge variety of bookish subjects, including rare books, book collecting, authors, publishers, and interesting characters in literature and notable anniversaries.